Air Duct Cleaning

"Current studies have revealed that air quality in 19 out of 20 homes was "considerably more polluted than air outside."

According to the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA), the proper method for duct cleaning is to place the system under negative pressure along with a strong vacuum. Various brushes and cleaners are placed into the ducts to remove debris, which will flow to the vacuum. NADCA guidelines allow vacuum equipment that eliminates particles outside of the house, and inside-exhaust systems that utilize the HEPA filters.

Carpet Cleaning

When you invite us into your home, you will come across proficient technicians who are pleased to deliver you a unique service experience. Alladin Restoration, Inc.'s Carpet and Upholstery crew uses a hot water extraction method (steam cleaning). It safely and gently removes the toughest and deepest dirt.

A specially formulated pre-spray is deeply injected into the carpet through the usage of a high pressure sprayer. Afterwards, a powerful suction mixed with a fiber softener and brightener extracts deep down dirt, allergens, cleaning solution, and 95% of the moisture.

Alladin also provides the services of carpet and pad installation, carpet re-stretching, shampoo deep cleaning while using advanced equipment for it. We have portable equipment and truck-mount units for the tasks of varying sizes and different degrees of difficulty.

Electronic Restoration

Remedial recovery from harmful effects of Smoke, Heat and Microbial Contamination on electronic circuit boards, electrical wiring, rotary and slide switches or controls, loud speaker surface wiring, and touch, temperature or light sensitive switches.

Fire Damage:

Even intermediate contact with flame or smoke on electronic entertainment systems guarantees fire damage and smoke damage. This can cause from the whole Motherboard destruction to independent Microchip Component failure.

Heat Damage:

Thermal effects on electronic components can be devastating. All circuit boards have 'hot' soldered component attachment and wiring interconnection. When these boards reach a certain temperature they will fail. If hot enough, solder will flow and the components will fall off.

But worst off are electronics that have been exposed to extreme heat through flame or smoke but ‘look’ like they’re ok! The damage may by so small that it cannot be seen with the naked eye. But once under magnification one can see components soldered together or to themselves, causing ground loops or short circuits, thus damaging the remaining components that are good. When these electronics are energized, they will fail immediately or over time.

Water and Mold Damage:

Prolonged exposure to moisture weakens the circuit board composition and collects on the electrical components. After natural drying, moisture still remains on components for prolonged periods after the exposure. If the circuit boards are also mold infested, they will cause the secondary damaging effects of Cross, Ground or Short Circuiting when energized, which will drastically influence electronic operation of otherwise sound-operating components. Water Damage & Mold Damage is certainly something to watch out for.

Data Recovery Services:

Our computer Remediation Specialist can do a full or partial recovery of personal or professional Data Files embedded within the Hard Drives of damaged Computers or Operating Systems such as File Servers or PLCs; depending on the Time Exposure Loss Category and level of damage.

Operational Guarantee:

ELRS guarantees all ‘recovered’ or otherwise restored electronics that are processed through the Alladin ELRS Labs for 180 days from delivery back to Owner.