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Sewage problems are an environmental and health problem that must be addressed and rectified immediately. Alladin is on call 7X24X365, so whether its 11:00 p.m. Saturday night, or Christmas morning, we can be on site addressing your problem in two hours or less, guaranteed.

1. Extract All Visible Contamination

All solid waste is immediately removed and safely discarded. The remaining water is extracted and dehumidifiers strategically placed throughout the site.

2. Disinfect All Area

All affected areas will be thoroughly scrubbed with specially formulated botanical disinfectants.

3. Infra-Red Assessment

Alladin first uses moisture meters to look deep into and behind walls for signs of dampness. Then special infrared cameras are employed to identify wet surfaces.

4. Odor removal

Ozone generators are designed to remove smells, not cover them up. Alladin uses advanced ozone generators, which produce pure ozone gas, permanently removing the smell, germs and viruses, without harming furnishings.

5. Restoration

As a fully licensed contractor, Alladin is prepared for anything. Wherever damage is found, from foundation to framing to plumbing, electrical and built-ins, Alladin can restore the damage quickly and efficiently.

6. We work Tirelessly as our Customer’s Advocate

Over the past 15 years, Alladin has earned a reputation for fairness and attention to detail with most major insurance carriers. And because Alladin uses the same billing and invoice software that insurance companies use, your covered claim will be resolved fairly, accurately and as quickly as possible.