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What To Do:

  • Call your insurance agent
  • Not all Bio Hazards are easily detected by sight and smell. Immediately call a certified professional experienced in black water and sewage clean-ups
  • Wear rubber gloves, protective clothing and a respirator if you must enter any areas where raw sewage is present. If possible, document all damages photographically or on video, including hard surfaced items such as furniture and cabinetry that may not be salvageable
  • Discard all food items from affected areas
  • Wash any exposed areas of skin, even if you are wearing protective clothing
  • Check your insurance policy for emergency housing provisions

What Not To Do:

  • Clean anything, or enter any area with raw sewage or black water without protection
  • Operate Heating or Air-Conditioning
  • Vacuum affected areas
  • Remain in home without first consulting with a licensed restoration specialist