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When to Clean Your Carpet

The look of a room can be ruined by a dirty or discolored carpet. This is why you should be vigilant about maintaining the appearance of your carpets. It will require extra care on your part, but it pays off. Try maintaining a strict vacuuming schedule: two to three times a week for high traffic areas and once a week for the entire carpet. You should also make sure to apply spot treatments as soon as a stain occurs. Although your upkeep will prolong the life of your carpet, there will eventually be a need for a professional carpet cleaning service.

You can choose to stick to a specific schedule that determines when it’s time to enlist professional services. This schedule will be based on the climate and inhabitants of the house. For example, a household in a dusty climate with children and pets will require cleaning as often as once a month. On the other hand, a normal climate with the same circumstances will only require cleaning every 3-6 months. Professional cleaning is needed in addition to the regular household cleaning such as vacuuming and spot treatment. Your carpet cleaning service can help you determine a schedule that works for your scenario.

You can also choose to have your carpets professionally cleaned on an as needed basis. There are many indicators as to whether you need to enlist a professional carpet cleaning service. The texture of the carpet is very important, so you should check if it feels matted or sticky. Appearance is also a main factor, so check if your carpet has lost its original color or if there is a dark buildup around furniture. Because health should be your main concern, check for a build-up of dust and allergens. These are all indications that you need a carpet cleaning service.

Your main goal is to try and maintain the appearance of your carpet as long as you can. In addition to your weekly regimen and spot cleaning, professional help will be necessary. When trying to maintain the appearance of your home or office, carpet cleaning will be way more cost effective than re-carpeting. Whether you maintain a strict cleaning schedule or decide based off a particular need, using a carpet cleaning service will help you save money in the long run and keep your carpet looking its best.