map of GH site

Alladin has extensive experience working with law enforcement and insurance carriers to sensitively and quickly restore crime and accident locations to better than new condition.

After required investigations have been completed, Alladin can be on site remediating and residual pathogenic substances, destroying odors, and permanently removing any remaining germs and viruses, restoring your property to pristine condition.

What To Do:

  • Call police and your insurance company the minute you discover any damage
  • Call a restoration company with accident and crime scene clean-up experience
  • Advise key customers of temporary business interruption
  • Consult with your insurance representative to determine the availability of temporary business or personal accommodations

What Not To Do:

  • Delay reporting damage to local police and your insurance company
  • Cross any police or fire department boundaries (the yellow taped areas) until the proper authorities have granted access
  • Touch or Discard anything
  • Remove anything from the affected area