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What To Do:

  • Once you are allowed back on the premises, check your insurance policy and then contact a remediation company.
  • Open all windows to vent smoke and start drying process.
  • Discard all foodstuffs exposed to fire or smoke.
  • If smoke has reached living areas, plan on moving out temporarily. (Check you insurance policy for Out of Home Living provisions.
  • Take pictures if a camera or video recorder is available.

What Not To Do:

  • Try cleaning yourself. Do not vacuum, touch the walls, or remove drapes. Ash and soot can contain dangerous chemicals that are extremely hazardous to your health.
  • Remove ash or water from carpets and floors. It’s not only hazardous, but in most cases carpets will need to be replaced.
  • Try to deodorize. Store-bought or commercial deodorizing products may offset professional formulas that breakup smoke molecules and eliminate odors.