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Mold Remediation

Have you recently been facing respiratory problems such as wheezing or difficulty breathing? Do your burning, watery eyes worry you? Have you found that skin irritation, pains and aches are becoming regular problems for you? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then you should consider hiring a mold removal company to conduct a mold inspection.

Since mold originates form spores that can only be seen under a microscope, it is essential to use professional mold removal services to determine if your home is suffering from this vexing problem.

Apart from the health issues mentioned above, there are several others that are also associated with mold and mildew. These health threats may be exacerbated by the presence of black mold in the home. For general mold removal, you may take some steps on your own, but you will surely have to get in touch with a professional mold remover in order to safely accomplish black mold removal. Since mold has become a serious problem for many people, mold remediation has become a big business in recent years.

Learn what mold remediation is all about:

Safely and thoroughly removing mold, spores and existing colonies is known as mold remediation. It is an exhaustive process that is started by determining the source of the mold growth. Generally, mold grows in a hot and humid environment with enough moisture for the mold to thrive. After determining that mold is present in your home, certain remedies are recommended which may be tailored to your specific circumstances and mold type.

In the simplest cases, these remedies may focus on ensuring a sufficient level of sunlight in your home, along with better ventilation and the use of household cleansers. The best thing about mold remediation is that contractors can work according to your needs and problems. In this way, mold removal from the home can become much easier and more effective.

Basic remediation methods:

The methods of mold remediation may differ from building to building, but the following are the methods used in most cases:

  • Using wet vacuum cleaners to remove water from carpets or other places

  • Using damp wipes for mold removal from non-porous surfaces

  • Using detergent or mold removal bleach

  • Using a High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filtered vacuum in order to ensure that mold is no longer present in the home

Equipment used in mold remediation:

Before, during and after the employment of these mold removal methods, it is essential to have the right equipment on hand in order to kill mold properly.

  • A moisture meter is one of the most important tools, as it informs the user of the moisture level in a house. By using this tool, one can easily determine whether or not a house has an ideal moisture level.

  • A humidity gauge should be used hand in hand with a moisture meter, since both of these tools can help determine the levels of the most basic factors in mold growth.

  • A Borescope and a digital camera: The Borescope is used to ensure that mold is not present inside the walls, while the digital camera helps to capture certain elements required during an assessment.

Apart from these basic tools, you may see some contractors using devices including personal protective equipment, thermographic cameras, dehumidifiers and so on. Due to the availability of these and other indispensable tools, the process of mold remediation has become much easier.