I have worked with them on three projects and their services are always professional. They are also very skilled at dealing with the insurance companies, especially when it comes to eliminating the red tape, which is why I used them specifically on one job.

Michael Rubin, MBR Investment Real Estate

My home is my sanctuary. I designed and built it, and my family and I love living here. So when our kitchen flooded late one night, I was determined to hire a water damage restoration company that would treat my beautiful home with the respect it deserves. And Alladin Restoration Services, Inc. did just that. I was very impressed with the quality of their work and their dedication to customer service. Thank you for taking care of our horrible water damage fiasco. 

Dr. Bergman, Beverly Hills, California

Our home was destroyed by fire, and it felt like life as we knew it was over. At a time when we were desperate and vulnerable, we reached out to Alladin Restoration Services, Inc.. During this very difficult period, Alladin made us feel safe. The services we received made all the difference in the world. Your staff was professional, knowledgeable, and understanding. 

Bruce and Sandra Featherston

We have heard stories about unpleasant experiences in dealing with water damage and mold, so we called Alladin Restoration Services, Inc. for a free estimate. The Estimator they sent out provided us with a clear, detailed estimate, and we got quite an education in the process. We would highly recommend Alladin Restoration Services, Inc. to anyone. 

Ron and Edith Cunningham

While we were on vacation this winter rain water pooled on our roof. It must have made a small lake because the pump system we had working to handle just such a situation didn’t do a darn thing to help. We returned home to find our Living room, Dining room and Kitchen a jumble of scattered furniture, aturated carpet, and a 10′ by 10′ section of ceiling on top of our flat screen TV and video library. I want to thank the entire Alladin crew for the rapid, professional manner in which they removed the debris, sucked up all the water, and saved our home from

Dennis A., Calabasas, California

It has been a pleasure working with the Alladin staff from start to finish. I had a very enlightening phone conversation with one of their estimators, and he never tried to pressure me or pull the wool over my eyes. I asked a million questions before requesting a free estimate, and I felt confident, even before they started working, that they would know how to dry my home without tearing it apart. 

Robert and Anna Johnson

We were indeed very satisfied with all the work that Alladin performed at our property. The job wasn’t big, but they took it very seriously. They protected unaffected areas of our home from air-borne dust and debris, and kept the entire work cite clean and tidy. This impressed us very much. 

Michael F., Liability Administrator, City of Manhattan Beach, California

The crawl space under my house was a sea of sludge and grime. I thought dealing with sewage was going to be a nightmare, but your company came right in and fixed it without any problems. I’ll definitely call Alladin Restoration Services, Inc again if any other problems arise. 

Jason Tanner, Huntington Beach, California

I’d rented my beach house to a group of 20-somethings who never opened a window or wiped-up a spill, and used my vintage claw-foot bathtub as a beer cooler. After the summer, my dear little home was filled with mold. It’s never good to hear the M word, but Alladin put my worries to rest. Working with true professionals is always a relief. 

Katherine Rhoades, West Hollywood, California

My insurance company and me don’t speak the same language. Lucky for me Alladin knows how. They not only helped me get my house back in order, but worked with my insurance company directly to ensure I wasn’t left out in the cold. Alladin really saved me. 

Lenny Johnson, Naples, Florida

Thank you so much for the professional job your company did to cleanup our home. Best of wishes. 

Jula J., San Diego, California

Thank you for handling our water damage cleanup problem. Your workers did a great job. And, thank you for your patience in handling the situation with the insurance company and for waiting patiently for the payment. 

Cherly Vera La Puente, California

My wife and I experienced a major fire that almost completely detroyed our home. My insurance company told us that we had right to hire anyone we choose for our emergency restoration. Lucky for us, we choose Alladin Restoration Services, Inc. to handle the job. Their crew was knowledgeable and experience and had our home back to normal in no-time. I strongly recommended to anyone who has restoration problems to call Alladin Restoration Services, Inc. right away. 

Brian Smith, Calabasas, California

Your crews were conscientious and thorough. We greatly appreciate their efforts. Your on-site manager was excellent. 

Darrin Greitzer., Glendale Univ. College of Law, California